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The Hilderstone Magazine Summer edition

Magazine head - Welcome to 2017

Hilderstone News:

  • Summer is coming up. We have a relaxing 25 degrees centigrade on Broadstairs beach today

  • Many of you will be pleased to know that Natacha, our Academic Administrator had her baby in May. Lucas is doing well. She is now resting until Christmas. In her place we have welcomed Ashley Palmer and Suzanne Marsh. They are keeping Natacha’s seat warm until she returns.

  • On a very sad note, we also have to announce the passing of Mark Jones, who lost his 16 month battle with cancer. Our thoughts are with Fiona and the rest of their family.

  • One of our students, Sara, wanted to to do a survey as part of her course in order to practise the skills of report writing. With her teacher, Tristan, she asked students what they thought of Hilderstone College and of Broadstairs. Here is a summary of  her conclusions:

    Teaching at Hilderstone College is of a very high level.  Teachers are well-prepared and friendly. Students believe that forming relationships with other students, coming from all over the world, is very important with regard to understanding different cultures.

    Most students think that, compared to other places such as London, Broadstairs is a small community, less expensive and with fewer distractions. In their opinion, Broadstairs offers many possibilities to improve their language.

    In conclusion, we can confirm that students are very satisfied with their choice to study at Hilderstone College.

        We agree!

Mark Jones

Will Jarman writes: For all those students who were lucky enough to know him, we have some very sad news. Our dear friend and colleague Mark Jones passed away last month after bravely suffering illness for over a year. Mark was a great teacher and a modest and lovely man and we all miss him very much. During his 22 years at Hilderstone, hundreds of students have benefited from his excellent teaching, his kindness and dedication. He will be particularly remembered in class for his fantastic drawings and his love of music.
Mark Jones

Natacha  and Lucas

Welcome to Lucas and congratulations to Natacha! Lucas was born in April and is already practising his vowel sounds every night! We wish baby, mother (and father!) every happiness. We look forward to meeting baby Lucas soon. Natacha will come back to work in January but we want her to get some sleep first!

While she is enjoying her maternity leave, Suzanne Marsh and Ashley Palmer are doing a great job covering Natacha’s work.

Natacha and Lucas

Something academic.

Here is a question for you to think about:

When using the structure “will + have + 3rd form”,

(will have done) we often need to use the words “by” and “within” with a time phrase.

Eg. I will have completed my dissertation by the end of August.

     She will have paid her debt within 3 months.

>What is the difference between “by” and “within”?

Something Academic


Back in the winter

We welcomed back Natcha Detsombat (Bibi) to give a presentation about life at a British university. Afterwards she fielded questions from the class. It was interesting to see the rise in motivation and hard work that came after Bibi’s visit. She has now finished the taught segment of her Masters and is now doing her dissertation! Good luck Bibi and thank you for your time.


Uni talk - Natacha Detsombat

Can you discover the seven-letter word using each of the letters only once? Email your answer to us, including your name and nationality, and we'll let you know who was the fastest in next month's edition!

Last month's winner: Well done to the last word wheel winner, Maria Clara Alfano from Italy, with the word "resolve".


Phrase of the week
Each week we feature a 'phrase of the week' on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Follow us to get the latest one each week. Here are some since the last editon:

butt in cost an arm and a leg
feel free game-changer
hot potato level playing field
make short work of on the mend
out of the woods yet (not) pour cold water on sthg
ring a bell run-of-the-mill
see eye to eye show somebody the ropes
skew-whiff throw your toys out of the pram
to all intents and purposes

Whats on

  • Turner Contemporary Gallery

    Fri 26 May - Sun 24 Sep 2017

    Every Day is a New Day

    Our summer season celebrates the importance of art and creativity, its capacity to empower all of us and make positive change.

    Fri 26 May - Sun 24 Sep 2017

    Michael Armitage: Peace Coma

    This exhibition by Michael Armitage brings together a group of approximately 20 new and recent works. Armitage’s powerful and lyrical paintings on Ugandan lubugo bark cloth draw on personal and collective memories of life in Kenya, news and images circulating online, as well as Western art history.

    Sat 19 Nov 2016 - Sun 20 Aug2017

    The Studio Group Commission: Kashif Nadim Chaudry

    Turner Contemporary presents a major new commission, The Three Graces by Kashif Nadim Chaudry for the Sunley Gallery. This commission has been selected and made in collaboration with Turner Contemporary's Studio Group, a group of local artists and makers.

  • Margate Museum in the old town has some interesting exhibits - it is not far from the Turner Contemporary art gallery.
  • Broadstairs Dickens week - 80th year of celebration! 17th - 23rd June
  • Broadstairs open air art exhibition - 18 June
  • Ramsgate week and Ramsgate Festival - 23 - 30 July
  • Margate Soul Music Festival and carnival - 4 - 6 August
  • Broadstairs Folk Week - 11th - 18th August
  • Margate Masters National Beach Volleyball Finals 20-21 August
  • Broadstairs Water Gala - 23 August

For more things to see and do in and around Broadstairs check out the Visit Thanet Whats-on website

Hilderstone students get a discount for shows at the Sarah Thorne Theatre – check out what is on in the coming weeks.
Student stories
Student Stories - Aleksandra Veshkurtseva

“I attended Hilderstone college last August for 2 weeks. It was my first time abroad, so I was a bit scared at first but the teachers, the students and my host-family made my stay unforgettable. Thanks to my teachers, I not only improved my English but also became more self-confident. I have been awarded a scholarship of YEAR (Year of Exchange in America for Russians) Program and I will study in West Liberty University (West Virginia) for the next year. Also, I have passed the selection proc­ess for volunteers at the FIFA Confedera­tions Cup 2017 in Saint Petersburg which will be in June. All in all, I really miss Hilderstone college and hope to come back!

Aleksandra Veshkurtseva was with us last summer. As you can read, she used her time well here and her life is about to become very adventurous and exciting! Well done Aleksandra and we look forward to seeing the photos!
If you have a student story you would like to share - please email us with a photograph and a short description of what you are doing now!

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