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The Hilderstone Magazine November 2016

Magazine head Travel, fireworks and remembrance

Hilderstone News:

  • News: We have been travelling a lot recently. Lynne has been to Korea, Lee has been to Switzerland and Italy and will be going to Spain soon and Ian will be visiting Brazil this month, too. If you live in one of these countries and want to meet up, get in touch! We’d love to see you!
  • As you may know, November 5th has a historical and cultural significance to many British people and they often call it “Bonfire Night” or “Fireworks Night”. It celebrates the day in 1605 when a plot to blow up Parliament was foiled. On this day we now have firework displays, and many of our students enjoyed either private family parties or big organised events on the beaches of Thanet.
  • On November 11th we remember everyone who has died in the service of their country. We have a two minute silence at 11.00.
  • The staff are performing another pantomime this year. There will be two performances: one for the students and one for a local primary school. Seeing the teachers in fancy dress costumes will not be easy to forget!
  • Online English courses – Check out our Online English course option for those that can’t make it to the College or if you need to brush up your English.

    Exam students remembered

We are approaching the Cambridge exam season. Most students have a month to go. Good luck to them as they put the finishing touches to their exam preparation, as well as those who are planning to take IELTS.

Grammatical hint
Last month I asked what the difference was between “less” and “fewer”? When we use these words with quantities, we use “less” with uncountable nouns and “fewer” with countable. E.g. less sugar, fewer drinks; less rice and fewer calories.

Signposting ideas: In English we like to connect our ideas together, rather than just write lots of individual sentences. Therefore, when you next have to write in English, think about using words like although, however, despite, in addition etc.

Can you discover the seven-letter word using each of the letters only once? Email your answer to us, including your name and nationality, and we'll let you know who was the fastest in next month's edition!

Last month's winner: congratulations to Nadia La Cava from Italy for being the first to reply to us with: 'example'.

Phrase of the week
Each week we feature a 'phrase of the week' on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Follow us to get the latest one each week. Here are three of last month's:



give something the once-over



(Informal)  Clean a place quickly



A - Is that table ready for the next customers?
B - Hang on a minute; I’ll just give it the once-over.



crop up (v)



To happen or appear unexpectedly



A - Did the job go well?
B - Pretty much.  A couple of problems cropped up, but we managed to sort them out.



up and running



Working correctly and people are using it



A - Is the new website ready yet?
B - Yes, it’s all up and running now.

  • Check out the Visit Thanet website for a list of the many varied events happening this month.
  • There are exhibitions at the Turner Contemporary art gallery:
    • The main exhibition is JMW Turner – Adventures in Colour.  The exhibition is showing over 100 Turner works in both oil and watercolour. 
Hilderstone students get a discount for shows at the Sarah Thorne Theatre – check out what is on in the coming weeks.
Student stories
Ching Wei Chiu (pictured left in a tutorial with the Director of Studies!) came to Hilderstone College in November 2015 with the aim of getting an IELTS score sufficient for entry to Leeds University. This she achieved in February 2016 and she has just started her Masters in Fashion Management.

I really enjoyed my time at Hilderstone because the course is amazing. The teachers built up our understanding of English step-by-step. It was good that we were divided by level after the first tests as we could learn at the right speeds. I learned a lot and was able to improve my IELTS score. Also I got the chance to stay with a lovely English family. This was one of the most precious experiences of my life.

If you have a student story you would like to share - please email us with a photograph and a short description of what you are doing now!

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