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The Hilderstone Magazine July 2016

7 reasons why Broadstairs is a popular holiday destination:

  • beaches and coastline - with the closest sandy beaches to London, the local area has 32 miles of coastline to discover including 15 seperate bays
  • location - the area is within easy reach of London, and so close to continental Europe that you can even see the French coast on a clear day
  • watersports and leisure - you can try sailing, surfing, wind surfing, jet skiing, beach volleyball, cycling or hiking the coastal trail, or just a relaxing walk along the beach
  • sea life - jump on a boat at Ramsgate to see the seals and other sealife along our coastline or try a bit of fishing and see if you can catch your dinner!
  • places to eat - the town has a great selection of places to eat out, including seafood restaurants, tapas bars, Italian, Chinese, Thai, Indian, Greek and Turkish restaurants, and not forgetting our wonderful fish and chip shops!
  • festivals and events - there are many different events throughout the year including: Charles Dickens Festival, Folk Week, Food Festival, Water Gala, summer fireworks displays on the beach and much more
  • history and culture - Broadstairs has been a popular holiday resort for hundreds of years, with visitors including the author Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria

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Can you discover the seven-letter word using each of the letters only once? Email your answer to us, including your name and nationality, and we'll let you know who was the fastest in next month's edition!

Last month's champion: congratulations to Junhyuk Park from South Korea, who studied here in 2011, for being the first to reply to us with last month's word: 'seaside'. Well done to everyone else who found that word ... or the second possibility 'disease' which we had not seen!

Phrase of the week

Each week we feature a 'phrase of the week' on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Follow us to get the latest one each week. Here are three of last month's:

Phrase:   on tenterhooks
Explanation:   If you are on tenterhooks, you are worried about something which is going to happen.
Example:   A: Has Janet had her exam results yet?
B: No. We’ve been on tenterhooks every day this week waiting for them to arrive.
Phrase:   make a fuss about something
Explanation:   Become angry and complain.
Example:   A: I’ve emailed the Gas Board twice about the refund I was supposed to be getting, and they still haven’t been in touch.
B: Phone customer complaints and make a fuss. Tell them you’re going to another supplier if they don’t sort it out.
Phrase:   sparks fly
Explanation:   When sparks fly between two or more people, they argue in an angry way about something.
Example:   A - Why don’t you seat Janet next to Phil; they get on, don’t they?
B - Yes, until they get into politics. Then the sparks really fly!

July is a fantastic time to be in Broadstairs. The highlight of the month is:

  • The Charles Dickens Festival - from 18 to 24 June the town celebrates the famous author Charles Dickens, who was a regular visitor to Broadstairs and wrote several of his books whilst in the town. The festival includes events around the town, such as readings of his books, talks, theatre performances and Dickensian characters walking around the streets in costume.

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