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The Hilderstone Magazine August 2016

Hilderstone News:

  • welcome to our new Principal - Ian Johnson, who has worked with Hilderstone College for the past 30 years as a teacher and Director of Studies. He is delighted in his new role!
  • come and meet Lee! - Lee Shutler, our Director of Studies will be in Switzerland from 15-17 September, where he'll give a presentation at a teacher conference in Zug. If you live nearby, please come and say 'hello'! You can contact us about this here
  • exams - Congratulations to all our students who passed their Cambridge exams and received the IELTS results they needed. We are proud of you all. Good luck to those taking exams this summer.
  • nationality mix - Hilderstone has had a great mix of nationalities this summer, welcoming students from over 25 different countries
  • Natacha Telo's role - Many of you will remember Natacha as your teacher and the Learning Centre administrator. From 22 August 2016 she will co-ordinate student enrolments from the first enquiry until the end of the course.

Students' Computer Room

As you know, we continually update our materials and facilities. Recently we have been adding pronunciation exercises to the computers in Room 3 - this will really help those who need to speak more clearly.

Can you discover the seven-letter word using each of the letters only once? Email your answer to us, including your name and nationality, and we'll let you know who was the fastest in next month's edition!

Last month's winner: congratulations to Pascale from France for being the first to reply to us with: 'obvious'.

Phrase of the week

Each week we feature a 'phrase of the week' on our Facebook page and Twitter feed. Follow us to get the latest one each week. Here are three of last month's:

Phrase:   jump the gun (informal)
Explanation:   Do something too soon, often without thinking carefully enough first.
Example:   A - They're getting married already! I thought they'd only just met.
B - Yes; I think they are jumping the gun a bit.
Phrase:   leap/leaped/leapt out at
Explanation:   If something leaps out at you, it suddenly seems very obvious
Example:   A - How long did it take to get the answer?
B - Ages. I had a look in the morning, but then, when I was about to go home, it suddenly leapt out at me.
Phrase:   get something off your chest (informal)
Explanation:   Tell someone something which you have been worrying or feeling guilty about for a long time
Example:   A: I can't decide whether to tell her or not; I've been such an idiot?
B: You'll probably feel better once you've got it off your chest.

  • Broadstairs Folk Festival! One of the biggest events of the year, which brings thousands of people to the town, started on 05 August and ends on 12 August
  • the Broadstairs Water Gala, followed by a fireworks display takes place on Wednesday 17 August
  • a summer fireworks display lights up the town on Wednesday 24 August
  • guided town walks each Saturday and Sunday

Student stories
Gulfem (far left), from Turkey, studied with us for 24 weeks on a Pre-University Course and has graduated with an advertising degree. She is now married to a man from Broadstairs and living in Kent!
"I was originally coming for three months, but I liked the College so much I ended up staying for six months! I found the environment and the staff to be lovely."
If you have a student story you would like to share - please email us with a photograph and a short description of what you are doing now!

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