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Language Development
This part of the course is designed to help you improve your fluency and command of English in stimulating ways. We use a continuously updated range of resources, materials and approaches and cover areas such as: advanced language practice including idiomatic range, appropriacy and accuracy of expression, current usage, collocation, style and register, metaphorical and imaginative use of language, grammatical review, expansion of vocabulary, development of oral fluency, and also pronunciation with emphasis on the features of connected speech.

CAE Preparation
This section of the course focuses on specific skills for achieving your full potential in each aspect of the CAE exam including:
  • Reading and Use of English – to increase confidence and ability in dealing with different types of text.
  • Writing – to develop the skills and language required to produce different text types.
  • Listening – to enhance participants’ understanding of spoken English in different contexts.
  • Speaking – including discussions, problem-solving activities and work on pronunciation.
  • British cultural awareness – covering aspects of contemporary British life and culture.

Primary school, secondary school or college teachers with a level of English at CEFR B2 or above.

Course dates and fees 2018
Courses are one week in duration

Prices include registration fee
19-23 February 2018: £400
19-23 November 2018: £400

Homestay accommodation per week (if required): £140 per week in 2018
Eligible for
Erasmus+ funding: Yes

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